Pharmacy Assistant

A pharmacy assistant works within the pharmacy to help patients with their prescriptions and any questions they may have. This is either in a face-to-face setting, or over the phone.

The position is part of the pharmacy team and is under the direction of a registered pharmacist. During the day-to-day running of a pharmacy an assistant will safely manage medications. This includes making sure the pharmacy has the necessary items in stock by ordering in medicine and managing their delivery. As part of the role pharmacy assistants will implement national priorities within a pharmacy setting to improve patient health. This includes discussing healthcare initiatives with patients.

A pharmacy assistant will;
  • Manage the medications by keeping an inventory and maintaining stock as required
  • Verify medication requests when they come in.
  • Respond to patient queries
Pharmacy Assistants are;
  • Diligent and detail-orientated
  • In possession of excellent customer service skills
  • People who work well under pressure

Pharmacy Assistant Training:

There are no set entry requirements for the pharmacy assistant role. Employers will usually ask for a good level of literacy, numeracy, and IT skills. Work experience in a similar setting is always an advantage, as is previous customer service experience.

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