Administrators within primary care are very important to ensure the smooth delivery of patient care.

It is important that practices are well-organised and have detailed records of patients as well as staff. Administration is important for information sharing, patients need to be able to see or speak to the right person, and practices need to know who that person is.

As part of their role, administrators might perform duties such as;
  • filing and photocopying
  • chasing up reports
  • inputting data
  • ordering supplies
  • word processing
Administrators need to have;
  • strong communication skills
  • organisation skills and adaptability
  • good IT skills

Administrator Training:

There are no set requirements for the administrator role. Employers may ask for administrative experience, IT skills and evidence of good literacy and numeracy. Apart from these skills the candidate’s behaviour is the most important, surgeries look for good communication and a friendly manner that will work within their established team.

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