Digital & Transformation Lead

A Digital Transformations leads primary purpose is to support access to care through the use of technology and new initiatives. The concept allows primary care to be more effective at all levels in a developing world and improves the engagement with and sustainability of services in the community.

An individual in this role will produce strategic plans to optimise systems and improve digital infrastructure. There are a lot of projects within the NHS to transform the way that work is done, and services are provided. A digital lead will focus on projects such as digital triage, online signposting, social media, integrated working across NHS services, the NHS app promotion and more.

A digital transformation lead will;
  • analyse current systems and seek ways to optimise them
  • manage projects
  • support national as well as local initiatives
A digital transformation lead is someone who;
  • is comfortable with and interested in technology and software
  • is an excellent communicator
  • is a strategic, and practical planner

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