GP Assistant

General practice assistants support the practice, and specifically the GPs by completing administrative tasks and some basic clinical duties.

Their focus is on supporting GPs in their management of patients during the day-to-day activities. The administrative burden is high for GPs and GP assistants aim to reduce this so that they can make the best use of time, and specifically the appointment with a patient. This not only helps the GP but also improves the experience for the patient.

A GP Assistant will support with;
  • administrative help such as completing forms for GPs to sign
  • explaining procedures to patients
  • clinical support such as arranging follow-up appointments
A GP Assistant is someone who;
  • has excellent attention to detail
  • enjoys helping people
  • is independent and enthusiastic

GP Assistant Training:

There are no set requirements for the GP assistant role although a clinical background is helpful. Employers will ask for administrative experience, IT skills and evidence of strong organisational skills. Apart from these skills the candidate’s behaviour is the most important, surgeries look for good communication and a friendly manner that will work within their established team.

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