Clinical Pharmacist

A Clinical Pharmacist is a patient-facing role with the purpose of assessing and treating patients using expert knowledge of medicines for specific disease areas.

They take responsibility for patients with chronic diseases and undertake clinical medication reviews to proactively manage the treatment of patients with complex issues.

Clinical pharmacists are prescribers, or if not, are working to complete an independent prescribing qualification.

Help pharmacists may provide on the day-to-day includes;
  • making sure medications are working for the specific patient.
  • noting any effects, the medications are having.
  • adjusting medications accordingly
Clinical pharmacists are people who;
  • have excellent inter-personal communication skills
  • are proactive problem solvers
  • have the ability to be adaptable and flexible

Clinical Pharmacist Training:

Pharmacist training takes 5 years usually and includes registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) accredited Master of Pharmacy degree, one year’s pre-registration training and the GPhC’s registration assessment.

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