Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) work in a variety of settings, including GP surgeries as well as within hospitals and the community. Within GP surgeries they work under the guidance of registered healthcare professionals to provide patient care.

In the surgery, they are important patient-facing roles that have both clinical and administrative responsibilities. They may collect vital signs such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The HCA may also be asked to set up equipment, update patient health records and ensure that medical supplies are in stock.

Types of duties may include;
  • Observing, monitoring, and recording patients’ conditions
  • Communication with patients, relatives, and carers including providing valuable health promotion and education
  • New patient health checks
Healthcare Assistants are usually;
  • People who enjoy connecting with others
  • Diligent in their role
  • Keen to learn and help

Healthcare Assistant Training:

There are no set requirements for entry into the HCA role, and training is often provided on the job. HCAs should complete the Care Certificate which is an online training and portfolio which covers the 15 standards of care. There are individual training courses to provide skills and training relevant to the practice’s specific needs.

Depending on your goals, the HCA role may be the first step into healthcare and could be a stepping stone to a nursing associate or nurse role.

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