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Where will my vacancy be advertised?

When you upload a role, it is sent to the Primary Care Careers team for authorisation; the vacancy advert will be reviewed and published by the end of the next business day.  Once authorised, it becomes live on the Primary Care Careers vacancies page, as well as on several other job boards, including Indeed. 

Will you send over any applications we receive periodically?

Primary Care Careers will follow up with the hiring manager, after the application end date, to make sure that you have all the candidate details and are comfortable with the next steps.  There is capability to download applications as well as shortlist candidates, so hiring managers can stay in full control.

We can send over applications weekl,y upon request; however, hiring managers tend to prefer to login themselves and view applications as they come in.

Do I contact the applicants directly?

The applicant tracking system will automatically send an email to a candidate if you amend their status to either of the following:

  • Reviewed – On Hold – the email lets the candidate know that their application is being reviewed.
  • Rejected – the email thanks the candidate for their application and tells them that they have not been successful this time.

No other status will trigger an email to be sent, so you will need to make contact with the applicant directly, for example to arrange interviews.

Can I extend the closing date?

If you would like to extend the closing date of a role, please contact the Primary Care Careers team and we will update the advertisement.

Can I invite a candidate for interview via the hiring portal? 

Not yet, you will need to contact the candidate directly.  However, this is something that we are working on.  Our applicant tracking system has the functionality and it is part of the list of enhancements that we are working on.

What should I do if my post has not been filled?

Make contact with Primary Care Careers – we are here to help.  In a competitive recruitment market, the advertisement needs to be more engaging than ever.  We can discuss the advert itself, how the role fits with your overall recruitment needs and develop a tailored strategy using our social media, linking with other contacts and ensuring that external factors, such as the timing, are considered.