Careers in Primary Care

There are a huge variety of careers and opportunities within primary care, here we have information about the main roles within a GP surgery.

As the ‘front door’ of the NHS, primary care systems have the important role of looking after the initial healthcare of a community. This requires many different people with different skills and responsibilities to come together. General practice is delivering more than a million appointments every day, and half a million more every week, since before the pandemic in 2020. This has been possible because the general practice workforce has grown by 27% since 2019.

There are obviously many clinical roles but there are also a variety of non-clinical positions which are essential to the successful running of a service. The primary care roles include practice management, digital & transformation lead, podiatrist, nursing associate and many more.

Explore the roles using the menu below and as always please feel free to get in touch with the primary care careers team should you have any questions.