Attraction is all about getting the right people interested in working with you.
Candidate attraction is, perhaps, the most crucial element of recruitment success.  Before focussing on any specific role, a practice should consider what they have to offer potential candidates: what makes them stand out as an employer and what they can offer employees. This may include the practice community, development opportunities, support, employee benefits and flexibility. Having an awareness of why you would be attractive as an employer provides a strong foundation for recruitment.

On a practical level, the next step is to make sure that every job advert is not just fit-for-purpose, but actively attractive to its target audience. As part of our service, we are very happy to support you with your attraction strategy, including the writing of job adverts and engaging candidates.  Some methods that we successfully employ to help hiring managers to attract candidates include:

  • targeted social media campaigns
  • briefings and advice for primary care networks (PCNs) and practices, for example, bite-sized workshops
  • access to a recruitment toolkit including job advert templates
  • working in partnership, in a trusting and collaborative way, giving you access to our expertise
  • organised events for potential workforce, such as job fairs and workshops

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; we keep communication at the heart of our service and find the best way for you to get the most out of your relationship with Primary Care Careers (PCC) is to talk to us, be it by phone or email. PCC aims to promote not just specific roles, but general practice itself, through advertising and marketing using social media, our website and other networking channels. We believe it is important to raise awareness as well as understanding.

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