Practical Job-Seeking Tips

Following the launch of our new website at the end of 2022 and a recently expanded team, 2023 has started very busy for us! We are interested to see what the rest of the year will bring from the perspective of primary care recruitment.

At the start of National Careers Week, hopefully this will be a useful quick read for anyone starting their job search.  National Careers Week aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their next steps, making sure they are getting the best careers advice and information possible, something that we know is so important.  If you are considering a new role, whether that be entry level or later in your career, here are a few things to think about:

  1. Consider what you are looking for from a new role – hours, location, team, career progression, training etc. There are lots of job opportunities in primary care – clinical and non-clinical for those with and those without previous experience in the NHS:
  2. Ensure your CV is up to date and be proud of it, it is unique to you – make it look professional. Simple tasks such as ensuring it is spell-checked, contains examples of your skills and your employment history is listed chronologically (most recent role at the top) will make your CV easier to read by potential future employers.
  3. When you find a possible job take time to consider why you would like the role and what you can offer – provide the information that is requested and give examples of why you are suitable.  Keep a log of your applications.
  4. Be prepared – when you are invited to interview, this is your chance to prove yourself – preparation is key.  What do you know about the organisation you are applying to? Why do you want to work for them? Why are you interested in the role? Is the interview in person or online? The more knowledge you have on the hiring organisation and how your experience and  motivations match the role, the more equipped you are to succeed at interview stage. 

We have a number of opportunities available on our website at the moment and would be delighted to hear from anyone who is looking for a role in primary care

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6th March 2023
Job Seekers
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