Sarah talks about joining the NHS and Primary Care Careers

Read Sarah’s story about joining the NHS and Primary Care Careers;

Just over 2 years ago, during the Covid pandemic I made a decision that I wanted to work for the NHS because I genuinely believed I could make a difference. I applied, was successful and here I am today, almost 2 years into my NHS journey reading the news that the NHS in England is facing its worst staffing crisis in history. The last 2 years hasn’t been easy and we have worked very, very hard but I do genuinely feel that I (and my team) have made a difference.

The NHS is vast, complex and I am still very much a newcomer, but the passion and determination I had to make a difference when I joined, has only increased as we have seen the rewards of our hard work and a huge growth in the uptake of the service we offer – an end to end strategic recruitment service for primary care funded by the newly formed ICBs to support the GP practices and PCNs. Primary Care is constantly evolving and we recruit for a diverse range of roles – pharmacist, physio, OTs admin & managerial staff, doctors, nurses and clinical support staff are just some of the roles we currently have advertised:

If you are interested in seeing what the NHS could offer you as your next career move or you are considering a new role, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (Recruitment Manager, Primary Care Careers)

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1st August 2022
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